About Jess Kilts

Coach Kilts is a SFG level 2 trainer, Elite powerlifter, and a personal trainer based in LA

Much of our health is based on the small, consistent and incremental decisions that we make every day. What we put into our bodies, how often we get up and move, the support systems we have in place, and even how we react to stress can all play a role in the quality of our lives.

I worked nearly a decade as an EMT taking care of people who were dealing with life-threatening issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and other often preventable medical conditions related to poor health. Their suffering inspired me to make a drastic career shift. 

People often ask what got me into this industry. Here it is:

I became a trainer because I wanted to help people develop sustainable habits to live stronger and healthier lives. In short, I’m 100% driven by the desire to decrease the chances of my clients ever having to go into an emergency room in the first place. 

Throughout my career, I’ve cultivated a loyal client base as a strength coach specializing in barbell and kettlebell work. I’m passionate about empowering clients to physically, nutritionally and emotionally grow and achieve results.

Here are some highlights:

·  Trained fitness test groups ranging from 20-30 hand-selected individuals for 30, 60 and 90-day programs, resulting in weight loss from 10-100 pounds

·  Coached powerlifting teams (male and female) competitively, which collectively gained them multiple state and national records in various federations

·  Coached a 19-year-old female athlete who broke state, national and world records

·  Achieved USPA powerlifter elite status after winning six gold and national bronze medals

·  Led classes that improve the fitness, flexibility, strength and conditioning of men and women ranging from 16-70+

·  Lead monthly workshops and seminars on a range of topics such as barbell lifts, kettlebell techniques and basic 101 nutrition

Whether you’re a national powerlifting champion or simply beginning your fitness journey, my motto is simple: START WHERE YOU ARE.

With that said—let’s get after it.

In strength,

Coach Kilts

“Throughout the years, I’ve worked with several trainers but never felt I got the results I was looking for until I met Coach Kilts. I’ve been training with her for more than three years now and she has transformed my body, mind, and spirit. She is the most professional and technically sound trainer I’ve ever had, and now I’m healthier and happier. Her personality and energy have added so much positivity to my life. I’m a better person today than I was three years ago, largely because of the time I spend with Coach Kilts. To put it simply: I love her!”

—Tracey Mills, Chicago, Ill.